Main Pagoda

The Chinese Gardens

Jurong, Singapore

Last week I saw an image on another Instagram account of a Pagoda in Singapore – the place is called ‘The Chinese Gardens’.

To be honest I had no idea that this place existed. It´s a little bit off centre in an area with very few tourist attractions. I went there just out of curiosity and I found my self surrounded by this beautiful garden and traditional Chinese architecture. I got there really late and light conditions werent the best but still managed to take a few shots. This place deserves more than just a few snapshots so I promise to return in order to give you a more detailed view of its beauty.


CG22Main PagodaChinese GardensCG15Inside of a PagodaCG16CG19Twin Pagodas

Fujifilm X-T2

Fujinon 35mm F2

Samyang 12mm F2


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