Namibia in six days!

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It’s been a while, I know.

It makes me sad to see how long ago I wrote my last post but I had to make this pause and try to figure it out how could I keep posting and writing without any concerns of judgement about my writing. And the answer is… I need to stop worrying about it. My native language is portuguese, it is an incredible beautiful language, complex and rich and I wish I could exclusively write in portuguese but I can’t. I don’t live in Portugal and most of the people I want to communicate with, can’t read portuguese. And the blog is mainly about visual content and text is used to support that content. So what is the solution? Stop writing and just use images? Close the blog? Or stop worrying about it and use my broken english as a way of expression and to give extra context to the photographs. Well I choose the last option, even though I hate the word ‘broken’ to describe it but I guess it’s just the way it is. So from today on I will post more often, not sure how often but definitely more often than before.



I think I wrote here in the blog, probably more than once, that unexpected and last-minute trips are often the best. There is no time to build expectations or to memorize visually the entire destination, no time spent on google maps checking all the roads, all the hot spots and restaurants and highlights. But Namibia is Namibia. It only takes one second and checking the right image to immediately send your expectations into Base Camp – spoiler alert: I’m going to Nepal in December 🙂

So lets begin from the beginning.

We went to South Africa to visit family and friends, after having some problems in obtaining Schengen visas. The original plan was to visit my side of the family in Portugal but some last-minute difficulties with paper work and scheduling appointment with the embassy made us change our trip to South Africa – sorry Portugal I will see you in October!

And there we were again in Cape Town, a city that we lived and loved for the past five years but offers no secrets to us and no ‘sense’ of holiday. We felt that we needed something extra and that’s why we headed North for a six-day and 3300 Km road trip. To be more precise and for those who haven’t been in Namibia I need to say that it is not possible to see Namibia in six days. To be honest not even a month. The country has a lot to offer and most of the best spots are remote and difficult to access. But that was the time we had and we needed to make the most out of it.


Our target was the Namib desert, more precisely a small settlement called Sesriem famous for the “Sesriem gate” that gives access to the Namib-Naukluft National Park. It is basically a desert camp with just a few accommodation options, a gas station and a kiosque with basic supplies for travellers. The distance from Cape Town to Sesriem is roughly 1400 km, with maybe a couple of hundreds of Km in gravel road (it can be easily the double depending on the route). So this gate became our focal point, our objective and reaching it and returning to Cape Town in six days would depend on a mix of good planing, luck and a bit of sacrifice.


Just a side note to mention how funny it is to see people’s reaction when Im handling a map, a proper one made out of paper that folds and became almost useless after intensive use. No smart phone, no GPS, just a map?? I was asked frequently – yes just a map and it feels great!

Anyway with a map, a lantern, a couple of bags and a cooler box full of snacks we hit the road and went to what became one of the most beautiful road trips I have done in my life. Namibia is, from a landscape perspective, the most beautiful country I’ve been so far and driving in Namibia is just a permanent pleasure to the senses. It is surreal at times and hard to put in words or images. I remember particularly a stretch of road just a couple of hours before Sesriem where the desert “appears” on your left side in layers of sand with different tones and with scattered red mountains in front and on our right side, and endless groups of Springbock and Oryx. I’m not posting those specific images here cause they are not truthful. They don’t get close to what that moment was to us and how that experience felt. And in a way im glad it doesn’t.

So In the end everything went well, we got to the gate and went back to Cape Town In six days. What we’ve seen in between I’m leaving it here in images, at least part of it.

Just a final note to say thanks to our family and friends in Cape Town for the support especially to Sammy and Lamees for lending us their awesome vehicle for this trip. Your wheels were great, bru!








Namibia is, from a landscape perspective, the most beautiful country I’ve been so far and driving in Namibia is just a permanent pleasure to the senses.









My travel partner

Some black and white goodies. It’s almost unthinkable to ‘take’ from the composition the color and the width of a landscape like Namibia but there is always this irresistable appeal of doing things up side down 🙂




Fuji xt2


fujinon xf35mm f2

If you are planing to visit Namibia or other places that I mention in the blog please send me a message or write on the comments and I will be really happy in helping you out with tips and suggestions.

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