NEXTSTOP. SINGAPORE was born in 2017 on Instagram. We had just relocated from South Africa to Singapore and wanted to create a visual link with the people we had left behind, it was an emotional response to the sudden void we felt upon arriving in Singapore. It started out as a space to randomly share images depicting our journey, giving our friends and family a glimpse of our surroundings and a sense of inclusion, but as time passed, we felt as though it needed to become more than that.

Instagram was no longer enough, we needed a bigger canvas, a space where we could elaborate, tell stories, and document the experience. The visual aspect is still the core element but we want to extend it into a larger context. We want to tell you a little bit more…

NEXTSTOP. SINGAPORE is a photography journal where we share stories but also useful (we hope) information for a large community of expats living in Singapore. 

Author of the Blog.

Hugo is an avid photographer (hugolimaphotography.com) and traveler, with a background in tourism. He is from Portugal, and lived in Madrid, Cape Town and now Singapore with his wife and daughter.



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