Portugal, Leslie and the fishermen.

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Note: This blog is written in English but my native language is Portuguese.  Sorry if you find typos, funny phrase constructions or odd sentences. And by the way, thanks for reading it!

After almost three years I went back home again, well, It’s not quite home anymore but I’ll get back into that later. First, a little bit of context.


Namibia in six days!

Landscape, travel

It’s been a while, I know.

It makes me sad to see how long ago I wrote my last post but I had to make this pause and try to figure it out how could I keep posting and writing without any concerns of judgement about my writing. And the answer is… I need to stop worrying about it. My native language is portuguese, it is an incredible beautiful language, complex and rich and I wish I could exclusively write in portuguese but I can’t. I don’t live in Portugal and most of the people I want to communicate with, can’t read portuguese. And the blog is mainly about visual content and text is used to support that content. So what is the solution? Stop writing and just use images? Close the blog? Or stop worrying about it and use my broken english as a way of expression and to give extra context to the photographs. Well I choose the last option, even though I hate the word ‘broken’ to describe it but I guess it’s just the way it is. So from today on I will post more often, not sure how often but definitely more often than before.