Kathmandu Inside Out

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Note: This blog is written in English but my native language is Portuguese.  Sorry if you find typos, funny phrase constructions or odd sentences. And by the way, thanks for reading it!


Last December I traveled to Nepal to participate in a project called Kathmandu Inside Out (KIO). It’s a photography masterclass that happens every year in the Kathmandu Valley promoted by Singaporean photojournalist Edwin Koo and Nepalese photographer Suraj Shakya.

Bangkok Wide


Before every travel I have this uncontrollable habit of doing extensive amount of research about my destination. It is somehow an obsessive behaviour that can eventually spoil the entire trip. The discovery factor, that sense of exploration and seeing things for the first time, is no longer there and as a consequence the trip becomes a fact-check rather than a sensorial journey. And still, I often do it. But not this time.