Main Pagoda

The Chinese Gardens

Jurong, Singapore

Last week I saw an image on another Instagram account of a Pagoda in Singapore – the place is called ‘The Chinese Gardens’.

To be honest I had no idea that this place existed. It´s a little bit off centre in an area with very few tourist attractions. I went there just out of curiosity and I found my self surrounded by this beautiful garden and traditional Chinese architecture. I got there really late and light conditions werent the best but still managed to take a few shots. This place deserves more than just a few snapshots so I promise to return in order to give you a more detailed view of its beauty.


CG22Main PagodaChinese GardensCG15Inside of a PagodaCG16CG19Twin Pagodas

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光明山 (Bright Hill)

Bishan, Singapore

This week I went to visit a place that is rather unknown to a lot of people in Singapore, the Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery (KMSPKS). Located in the North-East region, the KMSPKS is the largest Buddhist Monastery in the Lion City. It covers more than seventy-four thousand square meters, the equivalent of almost eleven football pitches!

It’s hard to believe that it doesn’t come up in most of the city guides especially because of its size and characteristics. Just as an example, I opened the two touristic guides that I have at home about Singapore – a Rough Guide from 2016 and a Lonely Planet from 2013 – and none of them make any reference to KMSPKS Monastery.

The fact that it is not well-known and promoted as a tourist attraction contributes to the atmosphere here.


The KMSPKS Monastery has several different halls and buildings, all of them very distinct and with different purposes. You can read more about it on their website. But one of the most impressive buildings is the Hall of No Form. It’s a massive meditation hall that houses a Giant Buddha made of bronze with almost fourteen meters tall.


The Hall of No Form



The evening gathering 


Singapore is densely populated, finding a place like this is always good, it tends to slow things down a little, it makes you stop to take everything in. I know that Monasteries, Temples or other sacred places are not exactly the typical weekend afternoon destination, but it is worth the trip if you’re only free on the weekend, they’re places of worship, seclusion and mostly quiet, so regardless of your religion, you´re sure to find some calmness from a visit to the KMSPKS Monastery.

光明山 (Bright Hill)

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